Corpers' Lodge

I love my PPA!

Have I told you guys my PPA is actually inside an all-boys boarding secondary school? Well, it is.

You see them little, little creatures, trotting around in white shirts and white shorts while the seniors wear trousers. And those are the ones that are big, with voices so deep. And when they walk past me and say a ‘Good morning, Aunty’, I cringe. Is it small me like this that they are calling aunty? Oh my God. But there are perks, really.

PERK1: Top on the list is the availability of water, constantly. In fact, there is running water in the toilet in our room. We can’t lack water because the students can’t. How many corp members get that here? Very few, I tell you.

PERK 2: Light dey. They have this really gigantic generator that powers the whole school and staff quarters. Light comes on by 5am every morning and goes off by about 7:30am. In the evening it comes on by about 7pm and stays till about 12pm. What’s more, we get to to be in light all day if we are at the office, and trust me, our office is like a home, literally. The deal is lit!

PERK 3: Our boss knows how to enjoy himself. But that is not the good news. The good news is that he doesn’t enjoy alone, he carries us all with him. So if we were working and he felt hungry, we’ll all get fed with him. Don’t you wish your boss was cool like mine? Don’t you?

PERK 4: I absolutely love my job. I’ve learnt new things and, come on, who wouldn’t like an opportunity to constantly browse the net for free? I wouldn’t pass it!

So, there goes. Not all PPAs are hell!

…….except sometimes 🙄

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