Facebook Celebrities: Who is wrong?

I am one of those people who do not chat on facebook. I just love going through my newsfeed, reading other people’s stories. So I follow a lot of Facebook celebrities. They add spice to the experience. Especially with their fights and call-outs. Its amazing!

Well, there is a new one trending. Here are the basics:

A is a guy and H is a girl, both Facebook celebrities. A happens to be in H’s city and asks them to meet. Then A asks H for sex. H says no.

H feels so insulted, she makes a post on Facebook about A’s stupidity. Then A uploads screenshots of their chat on facebook. People feel A was in the right to ask for what he wanted, just as she had the right to say no. So they feel she is just being attention hungry. Others feel her pain and ask her to calm down. But the majority support A.

I am going to tell what I feel about these, but I need to know your thoughts first.

Whose fault is it? Who is wrong here?


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