Corpers' Lodge

For Tonight…

In my PPA today, a student was caught stealing. They took him to my boss the reverend father and this title-less piece just came to my head. Enjoy…

Since the Reverend father came, things have changed in school.

All buildings have been renovated and painted white and blue.

These days, we wake up to the dew

Settled on green grass smiling at all things new.

Last night, I harkened to the voice in the breeze.

It was cold, but so familiar I obeyed with ease.

I could hear them from afar, looking for me in the dark of the night.

But all I could remember was the prefects exclaiming, “Oh what a sight!”

They wouldn’t stop taking of the father’s room with colours so bright

And so many lights.

So I’ll stay here, because I’m ready for the fight

I’ll be hid in the darkness of the night,

From their sight

For tonight.

But tomorrow they will find me.

*** *** ***

This morning they found me.

With all my things around me.

“You thief,” they yell at me.

Then they drag me.

And oh, what joy fills my heart as I know where they’ll take me.

Tonight when I return to the hostel, I won’t hear my classmates talk about how O’Kennard had been stupid in class today. I would be thinking of the Reverend father’s white walls, brown curtains, black tiles and that really big bed, in that huge room that is his parlor, his office and his bedroom.

For tonight,

Curiosity fed right,

I will sleep tight.

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