Corpers' Lodge

Church Hunt: The Find

So last Sunday, we were unfortunate in our search. Today we had luck, much because a few days ago on our way back from CDS (Community Development Service, a compulsory wahala these NYSC people have us do on Thursdays), Enyi and I saw a Living Faith signpost. We went there today.

Enyi and I give much attention to makeup. And that is why we go late to everything: CDS, work, and even church. We woke up late too, sha. So we got to church by about 9am. Service started by 8.

The church was a building that looked like it was a school from Monday to Friday, and a church on Sundays only. It looked much like a big hall divided into segments by big brown boards. I could easily tell who the church workers were by the shiny, well ironed suits of white, black or ash that they wore. Really smart, I tell you.

Enyi and I were given seats close to a window where the sound of the generator outside interfered with hearing the pastor well. He was cute dressed in black suit and pink shirt with a black slim tie. He was young too. He spoke about the benefits of soul winning and a lot of other things.

Soon, they announced it was communion time. Members moved from the back, took communion at the alter and went right back. Enyi and I did not go. Communion isn’t something to take without adequate preparation, I guess.

After a while, this tall, cute guy called us to what they called Foundation Class. They taught about service and its benefits, obviously hoping we become members and workers in the church: they taught about baptism of the Holy Spirit and so on, then they served us soft drinks and Baker’s biscuits, which we did not take.

We are hoping we just found our church, though the music was, by every definition, terrible.

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