Saddest Feels

There are days

Lowly days

When it feels like the effort to live

Drains out the will to do same

There are nights

Lonely nights

When I just want to know

Why don’t we speak the same love language?

You give gifts, I like gifts

But I want words

Hundreds of lone alphabets

Knitted into the sweetest words

Singular streams of air

Giving life to my emotions

I don’t want these nights

Nights you make me pray:

I hope I am in the right relationship?


  • diverseperspectiveblog

    materialistic gifts are nice, but words mean so much more some time. I feel you there. I hope everything is okay.
    Also, “When it feels like the effort to live, drains out the will to do the same.” – Those two lines…I’m speechless. I’ve been there, and it makes me nearly want to cry to see it in words.

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