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I just realised that I have not told you guys anything about my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment). Well, here goes:

My PPA is an NGO. It borders on students of both secondary schools and tertiary intitutions and teaches against ‘destructive attitudes’. My PPA is also a research institute. No, I did not ‘work’ it, that is where I was posted.

Anambra state pays ‘state allowee’. So when we left camp, we were told to ask our PPAs, if we were posted to private institutions, if they would pay. If they said no, you could easily tell them, with a smile, to reject you. Period! So, when I got to my PPA, the first thing I asked them after they had told me all I needed to know about the organisation was if they paid. They said no!

You needed to have seen me. I looked more horrible than someone who lost everything in a flood. But then, I did not want to bother myself with that just yet. All I really wanted was to finish my documentation and go home! So I asked them to just accept me. They obliged!

Fast forward to when I got back and began work…

I began work on Monday. My job has no job description! Here, I am a writer and a researcher. They have this website they say has not been updated for about a year. When the boss, a reverend father, asked who had some knowledge about ‘uploading websites on the internet’, I rose my hand. And now, I am a content developer and editor.

Working hours are not specific, rigid or determined. They are based solely on an ‘as long as there is work to be done, work’ basis. Today for example, I worked from 9am till about 4pm, and from 8pm till about 12:30pm.

My parents tried to redeploy me to Abuja. NCCF president here made attempts to change my PPA when he learnt they wouldn’t pay. I refused them all. Now see my life! I am being overworked to receive only federal government allowee.

Iz eet good! Shood I keep kwayeit!


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