Dear Atheist…

I want to talk about two things in one post.


Yesterday as my roommate (i need to find something to call her. ‘Enyi’ means ‘friend’ in igbo. I will call her that henceforth) and I walked to the office, we saw a little boy of about 12 or so sitting on the ground in front of the father’s house, legs chained. He looked like a modern day slave with his knees hugging his chest and arms wrapped around it. His head was bowed. He said there all morning, all afternoon.

We did not ask anybody anything. But we later found out that he was a border. He had gone missing yesterday but was found in the bush along with some stolen items. His mother was there, talking to his father on phone, reporting him. They were convinced it was a spiritual issue.


All my life, and I have lived over 22 years, I have NEVER seen such high number of mad people as I have seen here anywhere else. Since I arrived Anambra and my PPA, I have seen no less than 10 (definitely above) mad people roaming around. Everywhere. They are everywhere. And I see new ones each day.

Now, the thing is, I do not understand how someone can say he does not believe in the supernatural. Someone who has never abused drugs, who has no genetic mental issue and who was completely fine the night before just suddenly asked up mad and you say it is normal? How is it doing you?

Unexplainable things happen. While you can argue that it is a choice to steal, the same cannot be said to one who is mad.

So dear atheist, how do you explain this?

The bike I am on just zoomed past a new mad man. His clothes are still a bit clean and he is still in the business of talking loudly to himself.


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