RelayShunSheep: Happy again!

I just got home. My mother has noticed the glow on my face today.

Last night, she kept asking, what is wrong with you? Is your relationship OK? Have you guys separated? Why isn’t he coming around like he used to?

I did not have answers. Because, relationship quarrels.

But today, I made sure I saw him. He said they were about going out. I should wait till he returns. I did not o. Because, only the violent takes it by force. I went and saw him and, oh! The joy in my heart.

Guys, why are you people like this? You wee chase a geh from east to west even though she does not like you back. You wee be all nice and mushy. Then when she now gree, you wee now come and go and be doing anyhow. Brother why?

Truth is, when we began ehn, I thought we would not last. I had already planned how I was going to break it off with him the following day. But then, somehow, I could not. And love grew. And now, e be like say na me dey do the loff thing pass. Love dey shack ma head!

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