Relationshit: e don tire me!

Is it just me, or is being in a relationship really just so tiring? The emotional stress is just so much. What, with all the attempts to not annoy the other party. And all the misunderstandings that you’d really rather not have at all. E dey tire me, aswear!

I’ll admit this: sometimes, I just want out. I actually miss those days when I was single. No worries. Just like those childhood days. Why am I disturbing your ears with my family issues?

Because we are now doing ‘do me I do you.’ May God have mercy!

I am home for two weeks break and my guy man has sworn not to see me till I go back. Why? Because I did not tell him I was coming home. Me that wanted to surprise him. African men cannor be romantic!

My mind is telling me a million things. But no, I wee nor allow the devil to use my mind. Mbanu!


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