Corpers' Lodge

These NCCF people are angels!

So after I got over the shock of my posting, I looked for the bus that had my local government’s name on it and got in. There were about seven people from my platoon there. We consoled ourselves with ‘they say its just a few minutes away from Awka’ and ‘it’s just by the road sef’

I could tell in my heart by the look in their eyes that they felt just as I did. They were uncertain of what lay ahead and were scared. Typical!

At the secretariat, we met the LGA chairman along with other officials. We were received warmly, fed gala and malt and introduced to our CLOs. There was no CLO from my PPA. I was so confused. Somehow sha, I got on the bus heading in my direction, with no idea where I was going or where I’d spend the night.

That was how they took us, about ten of us, to their NCCF house o. They fed us rice and stew with beef, washed my crested vest, and gave us eba and egusi soup in the evening. We slept really well too o. Such love!

In the morning, they divided themselves and took each of us to our places of primary assignment and took us to the Secretariat afterwards for documentation. So selfless!

They are the definition of love!

It would not be a bad idea to live there o. But their rules sha! And I do not intend to tell my mother anything about them or their rules. She will move and shake all she can to make sure I stay there. Mbanu!hd-logo

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