Beautiful love!


The beginning of every love is always beautiful. That is the point where you look into each other’s eyes and smile for no reason other than that you are grateful they are there.

It is the place where you blush simply because someone said the name of your beloved. Sometimes, the fairy tale lasts forever. At other times, things go South!

Right now, the relationship I am in is almost seven months old. Still very young. But we are still in that first stage. Everyday, it still feels like the beginning of something beautiful. And I never want this to change. Not ever.

But I see a bridge. A rough one. One that is making me take slow steps because I do not want to get there just yet. But its close and I’m just wondering, what will happen to us if I do not redeploy? Will we survive it?

We look like we will, for now. I do not see any threats yet. I’m just thinking ahead, trying to put all the cards on the table so as to see the whole picture. What I see is beautiful. I hope it remains so.

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