Corpers' Lodge

I want to be a soldier!

The first time I participated in a parade, I was in primary school. I instantly fell in elove with the uniform way our hands swung in synchrony and the sound of our feet banging the ground. I remember it to be very beautiful! And that was the last time I marched, too. Till now.

I found myself in Anambra orientation camp, with so many activities to choose from but I fell in love with the Radio group there. OBS, my first love! I just loved the idea of being on air. And I was doing really well!

But then, there was the compulsory parade drill they made us do. And it pinched me, walai. It pinched me in places I’d not been pinched at for years. Nostalgia flooded my soul. And then I couldn’t let go. It ate deep into my time for OBS and I lost a lot. But it paid up today!

A parade drill competition was held today and I was commander for my platoon. We did perfectly! I am proud and my head is just swelling anyhow.

So in a fit of excitement during practice, they asked me where I would love to serve.


I command quite well o. their uniform trips me. images.jpgAnd my marching is close to perfect. Shebi it wee make sense if I join soldier work?

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