Did you miss me?

Yes, i did miss you.

How long has it been sef? I was not counting. I could not. I was busy writing final exams, popping final year wine and spending millions on preparing myself for our final year dinner. And a lot has happened these past few weeks that I can not wait to tell you about. For today, you will know how my final exams went.

To begin with, lecturers should always have one thing in mind: they do not know where they would meet their students tomorrow. Here’s the thing, today, you might have some level of advantage over your student who seems to be totally helpless under any situation they find themselves as a result of your insensitivity. Why am I saying all these?

A lecturer of mine gave an assignment which was due for submission on a particular day, at a particular time. On the agreed date of submission, we all converged at the department to submit to the class chairman who collected them and went to submit at the appointed time. After submitting, a few of my classmates arrived about ten minutes later and went to submit to him and as expected, he refused to collect it. At that point, we were not bothered. We concluded that when he was begged a little, he would collect the assignments from those who came late. This happened about six weeks ago. Today, we have written our final exams and the man has still refused to collect the assignments.

I am not an advocate of indiscipline. No. I am only bothered because this man has refused to understand something very simple. These people stayed far away and for some reason, they could not come on time. It is not as though they had not finished their assignments. They had. It is not as though it took days before they came to submit. Just ten minutes. However, he has remained adamant, refusing to accept their apologies and collect the assignments. I heard a classmate say it is a ploy to make sure they carry the course over. I think that is a bit too rash, but I have not been able to come up with a better reason for such action.

These people will not be students for ever. He might meet them somewhere where he might be in need of their help. Or what if he one day needs something that only them can give? It is just a thought though. Students have a way of taking advantage of lecturers who are lenient and I understand why this lecturer tries so hard to not fall prey. However, lecturers should be a bit considerate sometimes. Especially in cases as plain as this.

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