I am going MIA

I love this blog. It is where I find true freedom of expression and am able to completely let go of all constraints. It is my own and I simply love it so you can imagine how sad I am that I will have to be away for a while.

This is not something I want. No. But I am forced to do so. My laptop has developed a fault: it has refused to turn on. I took it for repairs but still, it has not turned on. I wonder why it never had this problem before. It has been years and it has not done this before. So why now? Why now that I have my project to complete and a blog to run? I am not done with my project o. I still have the last two chapters to type. Mtchew!

So I plan to take it for repairs again. When it comes on, you will see me again. Until then, do not forget about me. And please, do not betray my love o. I do not handle heartbreaks well so please, while I am away, do not come and go and be doing blog ashawo. Wait patiently for my return, PLEASE!

And, how will you know that I am back if you do not subscribe to be notified? Abeg, subscribe…bikonu, so that you will know when I do get back. Before I forget, what should I bring back for you when I am coming back? Let me know in the comment section. Sai na dawo…Kizzez!

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