The first time I met Dangote

Years ago, we used to cook with measured salt. In the market, they were found in sacks and were mount like mountains. You would walk to the seller and teller him to give you a certain measure of the salt and he would use his tier or peak milk container to measure salt for you as you desired. Later, they said this salt was unhealthy and I began to see adverts on TV on something they called Annapurna Iodised Salt. The following day after my mother saw that advert, she came back home with packaged salt. But Annapurna was not on it. What I saw on it was Dangote. That was the first time I met Dangote.

Many years later, I met Dangote again and we have kept meeting. Each time we meet, I experience a whole new side of him that I never imagined, like how we met when our house was under renovation. I had stood by a pole in our compound, watching as the labourers carried bags of cement that weighed a ton from a truck to one part of the compound. I had moved closer to look and my eyes had sparkled with admiration as I saw Dangote boldly written on it.

Much later, we met again. This time, I was in one of those moods when you have a strong urge to eat something and you feel like you will die if you do not get it. I had rushed to buy a pack of Cornflakes and as I rushed back home, I realised that I had no sugar at home. So I went back to the shop and asked for sugar, it was normally tied in white nylons, having cone-like shapes, and sold for #10. They had said they did not have that sugar but they had Dangote Sugar. I had been confused, do you mean Dangote Salt, I had asked but they answered me by showing it to me, and I saw it, your name boldly written, again.

In secondary school, I opted for Food and Nutrition instead of another subject. Then we were taught how to make snacks and bake cake, something which was impossible without flour. I saw Dangote again…and I enjoyed every bite of those snacks! I met Dangote again when I discovered spaghetti and macaroni… I did not eat rice or tuwo for a very long time after this. I have met Dangote again in his Dangote Noodles, Ziza Milk, Mowa Water, Dansa Juice and lots more.

I had to recount this just so you know: I know many people that matter. Do not joke with me because all I will need to do will be to make just one phone call and you will see that I KNOW DANGOTE!

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