It has been a crazy week!

The past one week has been a crazy one. Being the almost-introvert that I am, I have explored parts of myself that I never would have explored if I had been left to myself. The thing about fun is not that introverts do not like it or that they do not want to experience it but they do not know how to go about it. So it takes some effort and the efforts of friends and family to come out of their shells an have a taste of that thing called fun. Most of the time, they are overwhelmed and cannot believe this is what they have been missing and then they swear to never go back to their shells but they do… they always do except those people who help them get out there continue to do so. This past week has been full of this kind of fun.

I made my last post a week ago, before I was swept away with so much activity that I just could not post here. It was our final year week. And I experienced things that I never would have imagined. My classmates opened up to several parts of them that I never knew existed. This week will forever remain fresh. Not just because of the fun but because of the invaluable memories that I with my classmates made.

Day one was our coperate day. We appeared in office styles and played office roles.

fat copo

Day two was all white day. We looked like rebellious angels.


Day three was old school. Lol…

old so.jpg

Day four, yesterday, was traditional/cultural day…we wore HOT TRAD!


Today is the final day and we will be having our picnic too. We will wear our shirts today and enjoy what fun is left before we begin our exams. Wish me fun! Kizzez!

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