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What does the future hold?

I am scared. Every day I wake up with so much fear. My heart is knitted around a constant cloud of uncertainty and a worrying dose of insecurity. I am scared. I fear for my future: will I get that dream job? Will I be able to keep up with this blog and all my ghost readers who have refused to comment on my posts? Will I reach the targets I have set for myself, this blog and life in general? I keep wondering and asking myself all these questions to which I have no answers to. My fears seem to be rising everyday. And I am being affected by these worries that haunt me, walai.

Someone I respect so much saw me yesterday and gave me some words of encouragement. Instead of allowing myself to be scared of the unknown and the fact that I might not get a good job, I ought to take out time to develop myself. Instead of constantly being afraid I should make myself invaluable by developing the skills I have so much that when I do get a job, my employers would want to do anything to keep me. That kind, if e no be you, e no fit be like you!!! And besides, God has said that he has not given us spirits of fear but boldness.

So I am going to take this advice and do something better with my time other than worry. I want to learn web design and do courses in creative writing. I have always fancied snacks, so, if I have some time, I’ll learn some baking, though I do know how to bake cakes. I’ll try to read more, more news, more sports, more everything. Then I’ll try some writing of my own. Wow… I have a busy future!!

What about you, what do you intend to do to improve yourself and make yourself invaluable? Tell me in the comment section… Kizzez


  • ingisthoughts

    I relate to this post on a spiritual level. Nigeria has made life so difficult for this generation. I know so many brilliant graduates who sit home everyday and grow old. Sometimes I feel the need to drop out and start of a business and see where it goes from there and pray God will remain faithful.. These are the stuff my worst nightmares are made of

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