My dinner gown and I

Do you know what this means??? I am about to become a full, complete graduate! Omo, I am glad to announce to you that after starving myself for weeks and saving all the money I had, I have bought my dinner gown!
Honestly ehn, you will not understand why this makes me so glad until you find yourself in a situation where you have no boyfriend to pay for you dinner, buy you a gown, shoes and clutch to match. Independent woman ni!
independent woman
But my purpose for this post is to notify you of my new interest. I bought my gown for a lot. I had to visit a thousand shops before I got something that suits what I want. But finding it was not the problem, pricing it was. The man and I spent close to 30 minutes before we got to a price that suit us both. So I am thinking: these people make a lot of money, so why don’t I start consider going into this when I eventually come out as a graduate?
No again.
This is definitely not my gown!
But tell me, do you think it would fit me? This is a thought of me

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