I go wedding!

Where do I begin from? Okay…let me start by apologising for not posting yesterday. My classmate got married and I had to go but I could not take my laptop with me. The wedding was fun. I met with old friends and we reminded ourselves of stuff – secondary school memories that really got me nostalgic.

The wedding took place in a different city from the one I stay in. I went with a friend. I can not recollect how many times we missed our way and looked like fools. Oh…and it was raining! Our feet were all muddy and slippery, wet hair, damp faces and really big frowns- the only make up we had on walahi!

Finally finding our way to our destination and watching our dear friend look at her new husband with smiles on our faces took all the pain away. We were lost in a world of fantasy when he led her to their seats. We smiled as she rolled her eyes when the pastor said he had held her as a baby and could not believe he was now joining her in marriage to a man and laughed uncontrollably when the pastor forgot her name and called her something else!

The reception was held in a beautifully decorated hall. I paid no attention until it was time to eat and this wedding is the only one I have been at that actually had food as its item 7! This was when we were served food and I could not stop vexing at the small beef I had on my food compared to the chicken on my friends’ plates of rice. And maybe eating the wedding cake would have appeased the gods but r no reach me…mtchew!

This account would be incomplete if I do not make mention of this REALLY weird guy who sat next to my friends and I. As you know, I am single. And every guy in a wedding is a potential boo, depending on how good or not he plays his cards. Anyway…this guy came and sat by us. He looked good: good height, handsome face, charming smile, dark…did I mention handsome? All that was left was for him to say something so that he could be given the oral test and now, I wish he had remained silent!

A few minutes after he sat, he began calling everyone around him ‘Angel’. Then he made an attempt to collect my friend’s phone for absolutely no reason. It’s not like we were talking to him o. He just stretched his hand and grabbed the phone. Just like that!!!

The first thing he did just made me conclude that he was a womaniser. He was being so flirty joh. The second thing just gave me the impression he was not a gentleman and lacked some communication skills.

All being said, I had a fun weekend. More fun than I have had in so long a time. I just got back and I am tired. I just wanted to make sure I did not miss posting again today. How was YOUR weekend? Mind sharing??? Kizzez!

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