Come and see o: my lecturers are campaigning for award of best lecturer!

Shebi they say when elephants fight, the grass suffers? Believe me, it’s not true! At least not in this case because while my lecturers are busy fighting for award, we the students are having the fun of our lives watching… I swear!!!

So we have begun preparation for the activities with which we would leave this prison that has held us for years and we intend to leave the school with lasting impressions. One of the most important of these activities is the dinner and award night to which we extend invitations to our lecturers. Now they know all this info and I am simply amazed at the events that are unfolding.

jackson watching

One lecturer has suddenly become a motivational speaker. He is constantly telling us how he believes in us and know that we are winners who will do well in life. You can do anything you want, he would say. He has been encouraging us with words of wisdom, as a loving father would… hehehehehe… ok o!


As students, we are lazy and would do anything to have a lecturer dictate notes to us. This is the area where one lecturer has been a darling. We will write the notes, cram it and give it back to you in exam… or better still, just copy and paste…oya back to sender!


For whatever reason, some people just like going to class late. I do not fall in that category and actually find it annoying and so does the third lecturer. Through the years, we have known him with this no-late-comer-enters-my-class policy but it is the era of change, abi? ’cause this lecturer has suddenly become so lenient and understanding… honestly its scary!


Another lecturer is never in his classes. He will fix classes at odd hours but never show up. He is intelligent, they say, but mehn… that man is so serious from the rear. Anyway, he has joined the other lecturers in their award-hunt and has been attending classes religiously… I actually miss the former him. I loved those extra hours!


The award isn’t for a few more weeks. I want to see who wins, so…


But then… who do you think deserves it? Please let me know in the comment section. Kizzez

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