Fire and rain

This evening had been a normal one till the rains started pouring like the heavens were flooded. It was uncommon for there to be light while it rained so hard. NEPA must be in a good mood, I thought. This is something we ought to be used to but instead it seemed to be a miracle. I even commended them for it…SMH.

A friend and I had been fantasizing over our friend’s wedding which is coming up next month when we heard the first shouts. It was coming from block 8 and I showed no interest, being that it is the noisiest block yet. So we continued until they got really hysterical . Honestly, I like amebo, but only when its live. So I rushed out to find out what the frenzy was all about. It was dark but their shouts of ‘put out the lights in you rooms, unplug whatever is plugged and switch off your sockets’ gave us the message: there was fire in one of the rooms!

My hands were busy turning off the light and unplugging everything when a loud spark interrupted me again. This time, it was followed by uncontrollable girly screams. The type you hear immediately before a blonde is beheaded. There was a shake like an earthquake and girls running through the balcony. That was when I noticed that the shouts were not from block 8 but on my own block: there was fire in one of the rooms below! The block was made up of four floors with me being on a floor that had one above it and two below. What if this block is blown up? What if we are all set ablaze with these sparks? What if…

Once again my thoughts were interrupted. These were not shouts of panic or fear. These shouts were different. They were shouts of joy. Shouts that ushered in a sort of calmness and tranquillity. Shouts that filled hearts with a sense of peace. I looked out and my eyes met pitch darkness: the lights were gone. For the very first time in all my life, I heard shouts of joy when NEPA took their electricity and put it in their pockets.

Who to blame for the damage, the heavens for letting down such water and wind, NEPA for leaving the light or the school authorities for having old, bad connections???

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