Epp me, blogging is affecting my brain!!!

I have not been blogging for long o… just a few days. But my whole world has turned sideways. It seems like I don’t hear or see well anymore. Last night, I was reading for a test and saw a sentence: “Democracy thrives on the views and demands of different people.” To be honest, the understanding I got from that sentence was not as I ought to have understood it at all. These days, democracy means my blog, views mean the number of people who have seen a post on my blog, demand makes me think of what next to post and the only people I seem to know are those who visit my blog!

And it’s not just when I am reading. Even in class when a lecturer is teaching I do not seem to understand… ’cause I am always thinking of just how many people have seen my post for the day. Everyone keeps asking me what is wrong with me because I get really worried when I do not see many views for a post.

Blog visitors, abeg, start liking and commenting on my posts, biko. If I wronged you in our former life, forgive me please. No be Hollywood we dey.

PS: I am so sorry I did not post anything yesterday. NEPA refused to give us light. One of these days I will buy a Boa and keep at home… lemme see how they will come and cut light. Mtchew…


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