So… #RubsPalms

I have been looking for ways to get people to visit my blog since I started it four posts ago. I created a page on Facebook and posted links to my blog all over Facebook. All that did was have me suspended from posting anything on any page on Facebook. I was so embarrassed ehn… #mtchew.

I have never been a Twitter fan. Once, I tried opening a Twitter account but gave up when I realised that it was for popular and famous personalities. Nobodies like me had no place on Twitter. So I respected my #nobodiness and invested all my writing and pictures on Facebook. Now that I am a celebrity in my own little world, I decided to try twitter again. This time, I fell madly and hopelessly in love. Here are my reasons:

#1: Twitter is kind

And I mean this both literally and figuratively. Apart from all the easy steps it took to set up, I was given tips on how to get people to follow me. Facebook did not give me that o… only page boosts which have to be paid for. As broke as I am… #mtchew. I am happy to announce that I had seven #follows and one like just today. It made me feel like one boss… lol.

#2: Brevity…

It might be odd, but this is one of the reasons why I just can not stop thinking about Twitter. The limited space which one has to write is just epic. so on days when I have nothing good to say, I can just type a few random words and I am good to go… #TalkAboutAnEscape

#3: I can choose colours…

You see, bright colours have a way of putting me off. It does not mean I do not appreciate something bright and beautiful when I see it, I do. But give me a dark colour and I am good to go. So you can imagine how fascinated I was when Twitter gave me #ColourOptions to choose from…hehehehehe!

So those are my reasons for simply not being able to control my feelings for that app. Now I know it’s the thing that has been missing in my life all these years… #TearyMe

And this means you can now find your way to twitter and #FollowMeBumperToBumper!! Now permit me to go and do some following business but let me know #WhyYouJustLoveTwitter… kizzes (in Falz’s tone)!

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