My career as an MC

I haven’t had a glorious career as an MC. The first time I had to stand before a large crowd to make a presentation, I couldn’t sleep for two days before then. I would lie awake and imagine how it would turn out. It was all figured out: how I’ll majestically walk out on stage and how they would welcome me with an applause. I would do my thing and they would look at me with so much admiration and when I was done, they would, with a standing ovation, clap so hard their hands would hurt but they wouldn’t stop. For the rest of the day and after, they would look at me and smile when they remember that day.

The d-day came. It was everything I had NOT imagined. Immediately they called me on stage, my whole body began to shake like rice plant on a windy day. And that was when my bladder thought it was time to want to release acidic liquid. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t see well but somehow, I got on stage. I collected the microphone but hard as I tried I could not take the voice amplifier to my mouth. It was with courage that I was able to mouth words and managed to remember the tune. My eyes were on the ceiling and I couldn’t take them off from there since they suddenly became so fascinating. At one point when I had enough guts to look at the audience, I wished I hadn’t because of the hardness on their faces which went like “What in Naija is she doing?”

When I finished, I was so ashamed of myself that I forgot to leave the stage. I just stood there, like a zombie, until someone tapped me back to life. I walked the walk of shame back to my seat, swearing that I would NEVER again, as long as I lived, hold a microphone. That was many, many years ago.

So, you can imagine the terror I felt when they asked me to coordinate a program about two weeks ago. I had totally freaked out, screaming my NO from rooftops. They wouldn’t have it.. They insisted. So I had no choice but to accept.

My Career as an MC

Yesterday was the day. It was a beautiful, cold evening but I was sweating like a Christmas goat. The heels I had on did not help at all. At some point I  managed to convince myself I would fall off the stairs as I climbed onto the stage. I feared my voice would crack. And what if I forget something on the program? I couldn’t stop looking at the time, which for some strange reason I suddenly couldn’t understand: I can swear at one point I gave 30 minutes to an item that was supposed to be 20 minutes…blah blah blah!!!

To be honest, looking back at yesterday, I can categorically say that it went well. I can’t believe I actually cracked jokes which actually made them laugh. My timing was great and no, my heels didn’t fall my hand. I did well… very well.

As a graduate, I do not intend to be broke and jobless. So I’m wondering, what if I consider a career as an MC?? I’ll be great, right? What do you think??

And what jobs do you consider going into? Let me know in the comment section… kizzez.

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