Starting Small: My Dream Job

Yesterday, I made my first post on this blog. I thought I had done my homework well: I had researched how to run blogs (and make money from blogging… LOL); I’d liked so many pages and joined a thousand groups where I would share my posts; and I had ‘rehearsed’ how my first post would be, the comments I would receive and how I would reply. In fact, I was so confident that I would post it and have a hundred views in one hour. My fist class for the day was at 8:00am, so I posted before then. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I logged in hours later and saw no views and no comments or likes… SMH!

Much later in the day when I got back from the class which I couldn’t pay attention to, I checked again. I rubbed my eyes and leaped for joy when I saw 5 views… 5!!! Fam, I was so happy that I immediately felt pressed. So I rushed to the toilet, all the while smiling sheepishly to myself as though I had achievement something big. I spent the whole day checking the number of views till I checked myself to sleep.

It was in the evening that I woke up. I had a church program for final year students to attend so I prepared and left. The speaker was great. He spoke on learning never to despise little beginnings. Start small and your hard work will reward you. I felt encouraged o. I got to understand that the views I got were indeed an achievement and it felt good to know that someone, somewhere had read my thoughts. Thank you, gan!!!

So about this dream job…

I am a graduate. I may still have few months to go but it doesn’t make a difference to me abeg – I am a graduate! So I am already looking for a job. The speaker said for us to start small, so I am willing to do that. I am willing to take a job that pays nothing less than #150,000 per month (seeing that my dream income per month is seven figures, this is, indeed, starting small).

This job must also come with a juicy package of allowances to cover things ranging from my monthly hairdo to clothing and transportation. In addition, office hours would be from 10:00am to 3:00am since I need time for surfing the net and posting my best pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am very hardworking, so I plan to work my way to the top of the company and be boss in no time. Lest I forget, this office must also have loads of fine boys o, because I intend to break this chain of singlehood and find a husband material for myself… LOL.

So there, I have told you my dream job! What requirements must your dream job meet? Are you already working… then do you like your job? Do let me know in the comment session, please… Thanks!!

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